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Commercial Pavilions

Commercial pavilions of every description dot our landscape. We are all very familiar with the experiences these spaces offer. These are inviting places of rest and relaxation…..a gathering place centrally located in a large city or a small town…..a quiet picnic setting along a greenway trail or lazy river. Tennessee Pavilions enjoys being part of this American way of life and believes our country’s pavilions should be built to last. Our timber frame pavilions meet that requirement as sturdy places of refuge while possessing good looks that will stand strong for decades to come.

We work closely with architects and landscape engineers to coordinate and raise a structure that is sensible in design and purpose. The Team at Tennessee Pavilions aims to create a unique pavilion for every project. We are proud of the fact that we’ve never built the same pavilion twice. These heavy timber structures can be used for amphitheaters, park shelters, farmers markets, bus stops, trail head kiosks and many other uses. Tennessee Pavilions incorporates the highest level of workmanship and attention to detail to provide you a product that is second to none. We may be a small company located in Tennessee, but can deliver large or small projects at any location in the country.

Please contact us today to discuss your community’s pavilion needs.

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