Homestead Timber Frames built a Farmers Market for the City of Dresden. Homestead Timber Frames sent us detailed updates and pictures every week of the construction phase in house. They were very detailed in the expectations from us. Once on site, the crew was very professional and experienced in their work. We could not be happier with the finished product. I recommend Homestead Timber Frames to anyone looking for quality craftsmanship, personal attention, and a great working relationship.City of Dresden, Tennessee

We live in a home that was built during the Depression as part of a New Deal Homestead Project. The timber frame carport and breezeway designed and built by Homestead Timber Frames needed to enhance the historical character of the home. All of our expectations were met and the entire build took place without a hitch. Prior to the addition of the timber frame, our home was never noticed but even six years after the build, people still stop to inquire about and admire the timber frame structure and we are pleased to tell them about Homestead Timber Frames. We can state that our experience was a totally positive one and would certainly recommend Homestead Timber Frames to those with an appreciation of and desire to preserve fine craftsmanship in their building project.The Stinsons in Tennessee

From the first meeting… the first plan to paper… the first timber sliding into place… this home has been more than I ever expected. This great experience wouldn’t have happened without the warmth and creativity of some really wonderful people at Homestead Timber Frames. Homestead brought their skills of traditional timber framing with vision and rekindled an artistry within the heart of my home. Going to the Homestead shop you start to understand the depth of such words as “edge-halved scarf” circa 1375, England. You begin to see the craftsmanship and feel the people behind the timber are truly artists.DeAnn in Tennessee

We’re so appreciative of all that you have done for us. Not just the craft of the timber frame. The input for the design of the addition, layout and aesthetics, has been invaluable.Tim and Kathy in Tennessee

It was an absolute pleasure to watch them work. Everyone here was very impressed with them. They are truly artisans… we are so pleased to have had them build our home. Our crane operator, who has helped to raise some 75 timber frames in his lifetime, remarked that ours was one of the “best looking frames” he’d seen go up. It was also said that Homestead Timber Frames were “professionals,” and came ready to work.Aaron and Amber in Indiana

We were very pleased with all the people at Homestead Timber Frames. They care about what they do and about their customers. They are true artisans and we were very happy with the finished product. They took our home plans and tweaked a couple of design items( closet in mud room and moved a powder room), and raised our beautiful dream home. After interviewing other timber framers I was pleased that this was a family owned company.The Walkers in Dunlap, Tennessee

The team did an excellent job from start to finish with excellent communication, coordination and construction. We plan to use Homestead again for the great hall timber frame in phase 3 of our construction.Teresa and George

I cannot begin to thank you enough for what you have done so far! I am truly amazed and thrilled by the plans you put together. You returned my house to a sensible size and far exceeded my expectations.Jon in Tennessee

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