Visit Our Timber Frame Shop

At Tennessee Pavilions, our timber frame shop is full of heavy timbers and joiners who are hard at work laying out (marking the timbers) or using mallets and chisels to finish the joinery.  Our timber frame shop is always a wonderful place to visit and we encourage you to drop in when you are close by.

A timber frame pavilion begins its life in our shop after your Preliminary Plans have been completed and you approve.  The correct size timbers are chosen and then laid out according to plans.  After the joinery is completed, your frame is trial fitted and drilled for wooden peg placement.  Our joiners are always happy to explain their work when you visit as well as show you our English style Lych-gate just outside the shop.

Once they’ve made sure your pavilion fits together, the timbers are bunked, wrapped and ready for shipment.  After arriving at your site, our crew will be more than happy to raise your timber frame pavilion, or a crew of your choosing may raise it.  Please call our office at 931.484.7059 for more information on raising options.

Tennessee PavilionsVisit Our Timber Frame Shop